The 5 Best Supplements To Burn Neck Fat

Inflammatory discovery
Intriguingly, we found that the levels of inflammatory molecules in the blood varied by up to tenfold, even in seemingly healthy people, and that a rise in these inflammation markers was linked to having unhealthy responses to fat.

We use the term “dietary inflammation” to refer to these unhealthy metabolic effects that are triggered after eating. Repeatedly experiencing dietary inflammation brought on by excessive blood sugar and fat responses is linked with an increased risk of conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity.

On a more positive note, our findings suggest that it might be possible to improve weight management and long-term health by eating in a more personalised way designed to avoid triggering unhealthy inflammatory responses after meals.

When it comes to weight, we’ve traditionally put a huge emphasis on factors we have no control over, especially genetics. The 5 Best Supplements To Burn Neck Fat. The fact is, while genetics plays a role, many more important factors affect how our metabolism, weight and health. It’s time to move away from overly generalised guidelines, fad diets and one-size-fits-all plans and develop more personalised, scientific approaches to nutrition that understand and work together with our bodies, not against them.

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