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We need higher standards in Australian supermarkets
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of supermarkets in our daily lives.

But when the pandemic is finally over, we will still have an expensive national health problem resulting from our unhealthy diets and high levels of obesity.

Supermarkets can be part of the solution to that problem. What Fat Loss Supplements For Females. They can help all Australians move towards healthier, more nutritious diets.

Some improvements could include:

providing healthier checkouts that do not display chocolate, confectionery and sugary drinks

replacing unhealthy items with healthy food and drinks at end-of-aisle displays

allocating less shelf space to unhealthy items

offering fewer discounts on unhealthy food and drinks

ensuring stores in the most disadvantaged areas do not disproportionately market unhealthy food and drinks, in comparison to stores in other areas. Which Fat Burner On Empty Stomach Really Works

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If supermarkets don’t take action to improve their practices, the government should be ready to step in to ensure the supermarket environment encourages the selection of healthier options.Organic Female Fat Burning Supplements

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